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Deranged To Divine Double LP, Autographed, Ltd Edition, Black Vinyl.


Shipped from the U.S WEEK OF MONDAY MAY 29TH 2017!!

Released on gold vinyl originally for Record Store Day 2016 this is a limited edition re-pressing on black vinyl. Autographed by Carina.

‘Deranged to Divine’ is a self curated retrospective of my solo work.
In addition to thanking the the many people that have helped make ‘Deranged to Divine’ possible, this release is also special thank you to my passionate, loyal and supportive friends and fans that have been with me on this journey for the past fifteen years as a perfect punctuation point to reflect on the story thus far and as a warm welcome to those that are new to my music,  especially those of you that have discovered my me through the medium of Puscifer for whom this album is merely an introduction. I look forward to seeing some of you on tour and over the next 15 years.
The collection brings together material from my first four studio albums: ‘The First Blood Mystery’, ‘The Disconnection’, ‘Slow Motion Addict’, 'Tigermending’ as well as the ‘Things You Should Know’ EP and spans across my 15 year career as a recording artist. 
Every track on ‘Deranged to Divine’ has been digitally remastered from the original source materials by John Clark at Shake Box Studios in Inverness, Scotland.
Several of the songs on the compilation made their vinyl debut on this release on record store day 2016, Including ‘For Everything A Reason’ a track from my ’Things You Should Know’ EP that featured on the first season of the FX TV series ‘American Horror Story: Murder House’, tracks from my third album ’Slow Motion Addict’ 
as well as the  Alternate Version of ‘Want More’ and the song ‘Gun Shot’ , as featured in the 2004 movie ‘Alfie’, both of which are otherwise commercially unreleased, making them especially befitting for this release.
Track Listing:
Side A: (#you)
01. You Will Be Loved
02. Into My Blood
03. Backseat †
04. Girl and the Ghost
Side B: (#will)
05. Elegy (US Version)
06. Gunshot*†
07. Come to You †
08. You and Me
Side C: (#be)
09. Downslow †
10. Message to Apollo
11. Slow Motion Addict †
12. Overcome 
13. Want More (Alternate Version)*†
14. How I See It
Side D: (#loved)
15. For Everything a Reason †
16. Lacuna (Radio Version) †
17. Mother’s Pride
18. The Secret of Drowning
*Previously Unreleased 
†Vinyl Debut
A BIT ABOUT THE PACKAGING (Particularly the very pretty vinyl)
‘Deranged to Divine’ is also the most comprehensive and beautifully packaged release to date, which was designed by the award winning design team at Handsprings in my native England.
The cover image for the album was taken in Los Angeles by the phenomenally talented, Norman Jean Roy.
The release is presented in a lavish gatefold double vinyl sleeve, made with 350gsm card, featuring full 12’’ art prints from two of my favorite photo shoots. 
This houses two vinyl inner sleeves which feature a gallery of personally selected images spanning my entire career taken by a wealth of acclaimed photographers with whom I have collaborated, including a selection from my long time friend Kristin Burns, as well as complete lyrics for every track, finished with a gold pantone print.